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Morena Resort Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao

Applied Techniques & Tips

Morena is a unique place to spend a wonderful Caribbean vacation for everyone who has the environment at heart. In our luxurious and tranquil Eco Resort we focus evenly on our guests and on our natural environment. As the only Eco Resort in Curaçao, we are proud to have received both the golden Green Key Award and the Golden Travel Life Award from two internationally recognized environmental certifying organizations, which we wholeheartedly endorse.


Experience the tranquility and beauty of our vehicle-free resort

Enjoy our tropical gardens and colorful tropical birds. During the construction of our Resort a few years ago, we purposely saved 80% of the natural vegetation and designed our extensive grounds full of native plants. Here you frequently observe and hear numerous tropical birds and local animals, visiting us from the adjacent nature preserve. Our Resort’s large shaded pool is equipped with a salt electrolysis system, which is 95% chlorine-free, while still meeting all the hygiene standards required.

Experience how sustainability and comfort blend effortlessly

In our warm, stylish villas and apartments with all the conveniences desired, comfort and sustainability go easy together. For the construction of our Resort we consciously chose to use environmentally sustainable materials from fair trade cooperatives in the region and implemented low environmental impact techniques. For example, each guest room has a solar water heater on the roof, which generates enough hot water for the whole day, from only one hour of sunshine.

Enjoy your environmentally friendly and stylishly decorated accommodation

All our villas and apartments are decorated with modern furniture made from sustainable teak wood that complies with all of Green Key’s environmental certification requirements. We also generate our own energy and the warm ambiance created by all the Resort’s evening lighting uses as much electricity as just one air conditioner in one night. We also have a unique gray water system, which efficiently re-uses waste water in the garden.

Some helpful tips for you as our guest

Spare our beautiful and natural surroundings as much as you can. We believe that sustainable and ecologically responsible tourism is the future in Curaçao and we’re also investing in it. We have some helpful tips for you as our guest:


  • Book a Green Seat on your flight when you visit our island and thereby limit the emission of CO2 (for more information visit:
  • Separate aluminum and plastic bottles and place these in the recycling containers at our Resort.
  • Re-use your towels when possible. They will be replaced every three days by our housekeeping.
  • Conserve energy and turn off lights and the air conditioning when you leave your villa or apartment.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed when the air conditioner in on, so that the cool air is not lost unnecessarily.
  • Conserve water, especially now that you know water in Curaçao is very expensive because it is distilled from seawater.
  • Buy and order local home grown products in stores and restaurants.