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Morena Resort Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao

Discover the hidden secrets of the island

Curacaos’ beautiful nature has more to offer than you might think at first glance. The rugged nature, exotic beaches, hidden coves and beautiful mountains in on the West side of the island are well worth your visit. Book an Eco trip, Safari Tour or an active-buggy adventure at the reception to get acquainted with this amazing part of Curacao.

Visit the tropical country and city mansions and the typical Kunuku houses of Curacao

You can do this on your own or take an extensive tour. This colorful Dutch / Caribbean architecture, typical of Curacao, is not only unique and world famous, but also a UNESCO protected architectural monument.

For interesting trips, tours, activities and courses, you can rely on Morena Eco Resort. We will gladly supply you with useful tips and information or book your tours and trips ourselves. Mail your questions and wishes to or fill in our contact form and be sure to receive an answer within 2 days.