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Morena Resort Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao

Dive into the beautiful underwater world of Curacao

With beautiful beaches, hidden caves, coral reefs and exciting shipwrecks, feel free to indulge in the snorkeling and diving in Curaçao. We are more than happy to advise you, taking your diving and snorkeling experience into consideration.

Get certified quickly by your diving instructor

We are more than happy to refer you to a number of reliable and affordable diving schools where short and longer courses are available. It is possible to dive and snorkel on your own, in groups, during daytime or at night, close to the coast or at open sea. We also highly recommend some exciting boat trips for an extra adventurous snorkeling or diving experience.

For interesting trips, tours, activities and courses, you can rely on Morena Eco Resort. We will gladly supply you with useful tips and information or book your tours and trips ourselves. Mail your questions and wishes to or fill in our contact form and be sure to receive an answer within 2 days.