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Morena Resort Jan Thiel Beach Curaçao

Treat yourself to an unforgettable dolphin experience

Visit the famous Seaquarium in Curacao at the beautiful Seaquarium beach and book a special 'Dolphin Encounter' where you can snorkel, dive or swim with dolphins all you like. If this is too much for you, you can simply enjoy a spectacular dolphin show!

Look out for the dolphins at sea

If you prefer to admire these animals in their natural habitat, we can recommend you a few lovely boat and sailing trips. Chances are that you will encounter these creatures out at sea and you will recognize the coral fish and coral species from the Seaquarium in the waters around Curaçao.

Cuddle with seahorses and pat a lemon shark or starfish on the head

You can do it all at the Seaquarium in Curacao. Admire the most beautiful corals and coral fish from the sea with your family, which will swim past you in the many aquariums and admire the bright pink flamingos eye to eye.

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