Morena Resort Curaçao

- 1-8 person accommodations

- Certified eco-resort

- Car-free

- Spa

- Spacious terraces & balconies

- 2 large pool areas

- Peuterbad & air conditioning

- Child friendly

- Own car rental

- Free access to beach

Morena is a unique place to spend a wonderful Caribbean vacation for everyone who has the environment at heart. In our luxurious and tranquil Eco Resort we focus evenly on our guests and on our natural environment. As the only Eco Resort in Curaçao, we are proud to have received both the golden Green Key Award and the Golden Travel Life Award from two internationally recognized environmental certifying organizations, which we wholeheartedly endorse.

In our warm, stylish villas and apartments with all the conveniences desired, comfort and sustainability go easy together. For the construction of our Resort we consciously chose to use environmentally sustainable materials from fair trade cooperatives in the region and implemented low environmental impact techniques. For example, each guest room has a solar water heater on the roof, which generates enough hot water for the whole day, from only one hour of sunshine.