Car rental

Enjoy the amazing nature and culture of Curaçao. Our staff at the reception can help you make an excellent choice from the wide range of attractive and affordable rentals. You can make your request before or after you arrive at Morena Eco Resort.

Save yourself time and effort with a rental car through Morena Resort and choose for safety and convenience. We have our own rental cars, the Kia Picanto's, but also work toghether with two reliable car rental companies in case you want another type or bigger car. All car rentals require customers to be older than 23 years and to make a deposit of US$ 250/US$ 500, - in advance.

Fill in the form below for a quotation or reservation of the Kia Picanto's. Fill in the type of car you desire when you prefer another car.

When renting 7 days or more you pay only $35 per day!

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