Grocery shopping

If you want to experience the convenience of a stocked refrigerator upon arrival, this can easily be arranged through our grocery shopping service 'The Boodschappenman! ".

If you fancy a cozy evening at home the new 'Albert Heijn' supermarket provides excellent food and beverage products, snacks and drinks. This supermarket is open 7 days per week, from 8 am till 8 pm, on a 5 minute walking distance.

There is also a free shuttle service from our resort to the 2 neighboring supermarkets as often as three times a day. These 2 supermarkets, 'Vreugdenhil and Bestbuy' are only a 5-minute drive away if you use your own means of transportation. Both shops have an excellent, wide and affordable range of food and beverage products for you.

The colorful and lively waterfront of Willemstad is richly decorated with dozens of authentic Venezuelan wooden boats. This floating market crosses the sea between Venezuela and Curaçao on a daily basis and offers tourists and locals a wonderful selection of fresh exotic vegetables and fruits.

Curaçao also offers other supermarkets where many locals shop such as the excellent hypermarket 'Mangusa’, the spacious ‘Albert Heijn’ and the popular ‘Centrum Supermarket’. These are all only a short drive away.