Indulge in the ultimate comfort and convenience at the Regal apartments, where spacious 2-bedroom accommodations await. These modern havens are thoughtfully appointed with all the amenities you need for a seamless stay. 

Nestled in a tranquil setting, the Regal apartments offer an idyllic escape with breathtaking views of the stunning tropical gardens that border the salt marshes. Step onto the expansive terrace, enveloped by lush tropical greenery, and feel instantly immersed in nature's embrace.

About this room


Sleeps 1-4 guests
AC in bedrooms
Walk-in shower
Combi Microwave
Espresso machine
Private safe
Hair dryer

Ideal for large families or families that want to travel together: you have the option to rent two apartments, seamlessly transforming them into a Villa Ambiente that can comfortably accommodate up to 8 persons.