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We are very happy to start welcoming tourists back to Curacao. To ensure your safety, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment. Therefore, we have taken various protocols and precautions that have been created by CTB & CHATA together with experts, in place. Our Hygienic manager will actively monitor staff’s performance in terms of these protocols, in order to guarantee the health and safety or our guests. 


Curacao has had a very low number of covid-19 cases. Amongst the local community, there was only 1 contamination, all others have been tourists that came from abroad and were tracked in time (before others got contaminated). The sun, warm temperatures and living outdoors, seem to be important factors in terms of limiting the chance of contamination. At Morena Resort, all public areas are outside which means that all spaces are very well ventilated.


We try to reduce the contact between staff and guests as much as possible by working with Whatsapp and having an all-round employee on standby, in case assistance is required to the guest’s apartment / villa. The daily beach tickets are changed to tickets that are valid for all persons of one booking during the entire stay. If guests wish to visit the Front desk, we will disinfect the desk after each visit. There will be a public attendant that will ensure all top surfaces and rails, frequently touched things such as door handles etc., will be regularly sanitized throughout the day.


We have automatic towel- and hand sanitizer dispensers in place in all public areas.


We use floor stickers in order to show the appropriate distance when waiting. All tables in the restaurants and pool chairs at the swimming pools are placed with more than the recommended distance between them.


Our apartments and villa’s all have the necessary facilities for the entire stay. Once guests have checked into the apartments, no employee of the resort will enter except from scheduled cleaning and/or required assistance in case of malfunctioning equipment.


We ask our guests to use Whatsapp in communication with the Front Desk assistants as much as possible. When a personal visit to the Front Desk is required, we ask our guests to use Whatsapp to reserve a timeslot.


As mentioned before, we have placed the pool chairs further apart. These chairs will be disinfected after each use. The chairs will be marked when cleaned so our guests can see which chairs are available for use. In addition to this, there will be disinfectant available at the pools for our guests’ personal use.


We have reduced the amount of tables to ensure you can enjoy our dining experience without any trouble. To make sure we have a spot for every guest, it is required to make a reservation at the front desk to ensure we keep a table for you. We will keep the contact to a minimum by keeping our distance when serving you. In addition to this, all bills will be charged to the guests’ room and send digitally prior to your departure. We have an extensive protocol which our restaurant employees follow to ensure your safety throughout your visit.

This is merely a slight explanation of all the precautions we have taken. During your stay, we will provide you with a more detailed document to ensure you of several other questions you might have.